Voice Over and Burritos

I’ll be honest. I partake in a fine craft beer or tasty cocktail every so often. I smoke a few cigars a year and also have some yogurt and coffee from time to time. *GASP*. I know I know, “what about your voice” “yogurt will make you flemmy!” “Alcohol and coffee dehydrates you”.  You know, I agree. And I obviously don’t do any of those things before a session, unless of course, I want that nice grungy sound from yogurt or a cigar. In my opinion, it’s just a worry if any of those things are overtaking your life and truly affecting your career. I think you can let the pendulum swing just as much the other way and look at all those things as the worst things you can do for your voice and career when that’s just not true either. Balance, that’s the key here. If you find for yourself that having a yogurt in the evening affects your voice for all of the next day, then go ahead and cut that out.

However, in a stronger opinion that I will encourage you to take on is watching your diet and physical activity. If you bog yourself down with unhealthy foods all the time without getting any form of movement in, you will feel less motivated and less ready to take on a session. I’m preaching to myself here, mind you. FULL DISCLOSURE: I had a late night burrito that I am now regretting today. I’m not going to get down on myself about it, but I will get back on track today with lots of water, hopefully a salad, and some activity. Even a nice walk will do. No need to go overboard on this either- just keep the late night burritos to a minimum and get in a bit of movement every day and you’ll be A-OK.